Do you want to impress dates you bring home with your awesome queer theory book collection and watch their manties immediately drop to the floor? Do you know what we mean by "mind boner"? Do you like cramming your mind as much as you like cramming your vajayjay/non-gender-specific orifices?

We're looking to start a monthly Queer/Gender Theory reading and discussion group that features notable works of queer/feminist fiction, theory and philosophy. We're interested in providing a space to meet and have intentional, intellectual discussions outside of the bar scene. However, we also want this to be a fun space - folks with a good sense of humor are encouraged to apply!

In order to keep the numbers manageable, Queer Theory Book Club (QTBC) is going to have to limit the number of people in the group. Please don't be shy, though - we want to hear from YOU! Send us a note with other books you'd like to see on this list, a list of the 5 books you read most recently (doesn't have to be queer theory-related), some of your main interests/hobbies, your favorite singer from the 80s and why, and a link to your Facebook profile if you have one, so we can guarantee you're not a creepy dude. Or a creep in general. Or an ex-girlfriend.

Here's a list of the books we have on the agenda for QTBC:

The Second Sex
The Well of Loneliness
Surpassing the Love of Men
Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold
Cherry Grove, Fire Island
Black Feminist Thought
Gender Trouble
Whipping Girl
Epistemology of the Closet
Female Masculinity
The Queer Art of Failure

We hope to hear from you!